Maintenance | Comet

JRB Systems provides on-going maintenance services
to all our clients.
Our Clients

Client Brief
Electrical retailer Comet required the annual testing of its approximately 248 stores to be carried out over a period of 3 months.

Central to the project was the need to carry it out with as little disturbance to store operation as possible and incorporate effective maintenance reporting at all stages.

Our Approach
Utilising our UK wide network of suppliers, JRB Systems carried out the project efficiently and consistently across the country.

Through having a central point of contact and project management function any feedback given on specific aspects of the operation was quickly and easily shared with all regional teams. Testing records were provided to the client in a secure and easily transportable disc format as per their requirements.

Client Benefit
Employing a single contractor to fulfil this job provided Comet with a single point of contact and ensured a smooth delivery. It also allowed for a consistent style of reporting creating clarity across the business and simplifying future maintenance.